Sun Lab Equipments

Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Oven

  • Industrial Oven

    Model : Vertical

    Construction : Double walled

    Inner Chamber : Made of stainless-steel thick gauge with matt finish

    Outer Body : Made of heavy-duty mild steel thick gauge plates with powder coated

    Insulation : High grade glass wool to minimize the heat loss

  • Laboratory Hot Air Oven

    Display : Display LED (Digital)

    Accuracy : Temp. ± 2°C

    Power : 15A,220-230 V, Single phase

    Temperature Range : 50 Hz Ambient to 250 deg C

    Controller : Digital Temp Controller

  • Humidity Oven

    Display : LED (Digital)

    Accuracy : Temp. ± 2°C / Humidity ± 5%

    Least Count/Resolution Temp/Humidity : 0.1°C / 1%

    Power : 220-230 V, Single phase, 50 Hz

    Temperature Range : 10°C to 60°C

  • Rectangular Vacuum Oven
    We have been manufacturing Rectangular Vacuum Oven for a long time and we have carved a niche for ourselves in the market as an eminent Vacuum Oven Rectangular Exporters from India. The double walled construction and thick gauge stainless steel plate with argon welding on the inner side ahs added a
  • Round Vacuum Oven

    Inner : Thick gauge SS 304 argon welded

    Outer : MS powder coated.

    Display : LED

    Heating Elements : Nichrome made heating element embedded with ceramic beads.

    Heat Loss : Silicon Gasket for tightening and to minimize the heat loss.

Other Laboratory Equipment

  • Walking Chamber
    Sun Lab make Walking Chamber is designed for testing the capability of heat-endurance, cold-endurance, dryness-endurance, and humidity-endurance. Designed to Quality Control and R&D work across all industries. Temperature and Humidity conditioning of materials or products. Accelerated aging of
  • BOD Incubator

    Display : LED

    Accuracy : +/- 2 deg C

    Inner Made : SS 304

    Outer Made : Ms Powder Coated

    Power Supply : 220 V single phase 50 Hz

  • Pour Point Apparatus

    Inner : 4 Cups Cylindrical Copper Jacket Test Jar in Each Compartment

    Tube : 43 mm diameter X 115 mm height

    Outer : MS Powder Coated

    Controller : Solid State Digital Temperature Controller

    Sensor : RTD P.T 100 Sensors

  • Muffle Furnace

    Model : Tabletop

    Door : Front opening

    Display : LED

    Inner : Ceramic Muffle as per standard size

    Outer : MS powder coated.

  • Heating Mantle
    We bring forth a wide variety of Heating Mantles which are extensively used in laboratories to apply heat to containers. Our Laboratory Heating Mantle is available with a sturdy aluminum body. Its epoxy powder finish makes it a distinguished product. The Heating mantle which we offer is best suited
  • Laboratory Hot Plates
    We bring forth a wide variety of Laboratory Hot Plates which are available in a host of working sizes. We use the finest grade steel which endows with excellent rust resistance to our Automatic Hot Plates. The outer body made of mild steel is coupled with fine powder coat finish to ensure the high
  • U.V. Cabinet
    The U.V. Cabinet which we manufacture is scientifically developed and designed to provide with the most accurate results. The Double Walled construction and a Solid State Digital Temperature Controller make our U.V. Cabinet a unique product. We are a reliable UV Viewing Cabinet Manufacturer from
  • Laminar Air Flow
    We are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of superior quality Laminar Air Flow. Our Laminar Air Flow is a vertical model with a triple walled construction. We also provide a Horizontal Laminar Air Flow which has a front opening door and a top/bottom mounted control panel for easy
  • Photostability Chamber
    Photostability Chamber manufactured by Sun Lab Equipments possesses specially designed stainless steel interior as well as exterior for clean environment. The PID action with SSR output programmable temperature controller makes it highly efficient. We also provide high grade white wool insulation
  • Bunsen Burner
    We provide high class Bunsen Burners which we manufacture using the high grade raw materials. Our Electric Bunsen Burner is fitted with a SS body. The mirror polish and fine finishing make our Bunsen Burner a unique product. The Bunsen Burner which we fabricate is well known for providing accurate
  • Image 01

    Model : Vertical

    Construction : Double Wall

    Inner Made : Inner made of thick gauges stainless steel with argon welding

    Outer Made : Outer made of thick gauge stainless steel with 3 Nos. metal casting legs

    Controller : Digital temperature controller with all advance features.

  • Constant Temperature Bath
    Constant Temperature Water Bath manufactured by our company is a table top model of this machine. The double walled construction of Low Temperature Water Bath engineered by our team of qualified professionals has given a cutting edge to its structure. The inner portion of constant temperature bath
  • Digital Colony Counter
    Sun Lab Equipments has marked its prominence in the global market as one of the top ranking Automatic Digital Colony Counter Exporters from India. We manufacture Digital Colony Counter from mild steel, which is duly power coated for long life. Its soft touch membrane switches and digital LED
  • Industrial Furnace

    Model : Horizontal

    Construction : Double Walled

    Inner Chamber : Made of high quality ceramic

    Outer Body : Made of heavy-duty mild steel thick gauge plates with powder coated

    Insulation : Insulation High grade ceramic wool to minimize the heat loss

  • Barnstead Type Water Still
    Our company offers table top model of Barnstead Type Water Still to the clients. The complete unit of barnstead type water still is made from stainless steel along with complete argon welding. The high quality kettle type immersion heater is provided with our highly efficient Manesty Type Water
  • Cold Chamber

    Capacity/ Size : 12 x 12 x 12 inches

    Display : LED (Digital)

    Accuracy Temp. : ± 1 Deg C

    Power : 15A,220-230 V , Single phase, 50 Hz

    Temperature Range : Ambient to - 10 Deg C

  • Serological Water Bath
    Serological Water Bath manufactured by us has inner body made of stainless steel with mirror polish and outer body made of mild steel. The epoxy powder coat finish of Low Temperature Water Bath increases its life. We also provide high grade glass wool insulation and high quality heating element in
  • Hot and Cold Chamber

    Capacity : 450 mm x 450 mm x 500 mm

    Inner : SS 304

    Outer : MS powder coated

    Temperature range : - 60 deg C up to 150 deg C

    Insulation : CFC

  • Platform Shaker
    The two tier construction of Platform Shaker manufactured by our company has increased its demand in specific industries and scientific laboratories. The upper compartment of Orbital Platform Shaker is of heating mantle type along with glass fiber net with heating element. This type of Open-Air
  • Low Temperature Bath Circulator
    The Low Temperature Bath Circulator has double walled in construction in which Inner sides are made of stainless steel and outer body is made of mild steel with epoxy powder coat finish. Mini Low Temperature Bath-Circulator is insulated by CFC free polyurethane PUFF insulation. Low temperature
  • Circulation Water Bath

    Construction : Double Walled

    Inner Chamber : Made up of stainless steel with mirror polish

    Outer body : Made up of mild steel with epoxy powder coat finish

    Insulation : High grade glass wool insulation to minimize the heat loss

    Working Size : 12 x 10 x 8 inches

  • Mortuary Cabinet
    Sun Lab Equipments is one of the leading Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Mortuary Cabinet . Our Mortuary Cabinets are double walled and their inner chamber is made of fine grade ceramic material. The outer body of our Mortuary Cabinet is made of heavy duty mild steel thick gauge plates